Meet Our Staff


Joseph Glenn

Owner/Operator, SDI Instructor Trainer

TDI Technical Diver

Owner Joseph Glenn has over 10 years of diving experience and hundreds of recorded dives, from offshore diving to cave exploration. Joseph possess most every SDI certification including Open Water Instructor, Scubability Instructor, Search and Recovery Instructor, and Dive Master Instructor.


Demian Ingerman


Demian Ingerman is a firefighter/paramedic who began diving as a public safety diver 15 years ago. He has been a part of numerous search and recovery operations for state and federal agencies. He moved into recreational SCUBA about 6 years ago and began diving internationally. You'll get the chance to meet Demian as he helps out with many of our dive courses and excursions.


John Patterson


You'll find John working in our storefront and on many of your diving adventures. John holds numerous diving certifications and is a certified Instructor that will often be a part of your dive trips and certification course(s).


Ross Kelly


Ross Kelly began diving in 1996 when he was stationed in Mannheim, Germany while serving in the US Army. Now, a Real Estate Broker and Owner of Lovins Realty in Vidalia, Ga., Ross is married to wife LaWanna and is the father of 2 - soon to be 3 - children. Ross shares the same love for diving now as he did in 1996 and enjoys sharing his love of the sport with others.


Jess Clifton


Jess Clifton began diving in 2015 and worked his way up to Master Scuba Diver, before transitioning to the professional side of SDI to become an Instructor.

A licensed attorney, Jess can be found working in federal and state courts when he is not diving.


Bradley Brooks


Another one of the Instructors for SDC. He also works as a Lieutenant/AEMT with Pooler Fire/Rescue. You will find him working in the pool and on check out dives. Outside of class he spends his time spearfishing, working on reef conservation, and organizing dive trips.


Lauren Brooks


Lauren is excited to join the Southern Dive Center family as a certified Divemaster. She works as a Neonatal ICU nurse in Savannah. You will get to meet her during dive trips and certification courses. She enjoys spearfishing, searching for seashells, sea turtles, and underwater photography

Matt Maynard


Matt began diving in 2017 after his wife signed him up for his birthday. After quickly developing a passion for it he decided that he wanted to help share the experience with others. All of his certifications from an Open Water Diver to Divemaster were done through Southern Dive Center. He is a former United States Marine who now works full-time for one of the largest cell tower companies in the world. You will see him working your certification classes and leading various dive trips including shark feeding dives down in south Florida.


Randy Bowden

Store Manager

Randy is Southern Dive Center’s Store Manager. Randy has been with Southern Dive Center since the store opened in 2016. If you have ever called the shop there is 90% chance you have spoken with randy!


Sidney Pace

Shop Employee

Sidney is finishing up her degree at Georgia Southern University. Sidney is a SDI Rescue Diver and is working toward her divemaster.